Quips & Quotes: Searching for Perfection


“Looking for Love” by artist Avtandil

Based on a couple of conversations I had this week, so this bears repeating. All too often, we shop for partners like we are shopping for cars, clothing or even robots. We want the shiny, the new, and dare I say-perfect. We continuously see potential partners as Venus gliding in off of the sea foam-polished and perfect and we even dub them as “the one.”
There is one important piece that I think would make the partner-shopping perhaps easier and more realistic. Being open to bump into someone with whom you can stand with amidst your imperfections, baggage, and wounds. The one with whom you can be broken with. No-they won’t be perfect. But the beauty of each of your cracks and dings mixed with your quirk, an eternal child-like soul, and a spirit that is unafraid and open to surrender will outshine anything they have ever called perfect. So when you happen upon that stranger or the known one -you might instead see the dust kicked up upon them or dirt smudged upon their face from the rough road they travelled to happen upon you. They won’t be polished, but shining in the splendor of all that was and all that will be from such an odyssey of becoming. If you are lucky, and ONLY IF you are lucky, you two will recognize each other as fellow travelers uttering the words that those who call themselves lovers can’t dare say.

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