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Meeting with area lawmakers

I'm meeting, later this week, with area lawmakers, before they make the trek back up to Montpelier for the 2013 legislative session. I extended the invitation, as in years past, as an opportunity to meet with reporters in a laid-back setting and discuss upcoming plans for the session -- projects, major items and odds and ends that they'll be working on over the next several months. It also doubles as a good opportunity for new legislators or new reporters to "put a name to the face" prior to our working together.

There was talk of livestreaming the event, to offer readers insight into some of the concepts and ideas we'll be covering as news and/or the lawmakers will be working on at the Statehouse prior to their appearance in print (or online!), but it seemed that to do so would change the spirit of the meeting.

I'm open to readers' thoughts on this topic. Do you think it's important for meetings like this to be able to take place without folks concerned about how what they say could be construed (or misconstrued), or do you think open meetings are the only way to go? Does such a thing as "off the record" still exist (or should it)?

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