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Food for thought (the media and tragedy)

Daryl Cagle did a great cartoon this past weekend regarding the media and how it loves to exploit a tragedy.

I'm using that thought process in the Reformer's continued coverage at this moment. How much is too much? This is a national tragedy, and many people are interested in having as much information on the topic as possible? But, does this come at the expense of our local coverage? And are we the venue to offer this wealth of coverage (as opposed to, say, our Digital First Media partners at the New Haven Register)? I don't have answers to these questions.

Instead, what I want to offer readers is balance. Continuing coverage? Yes. Explicit details on each victim and a link to their obituary? Too much. I did have a couple of reporters call around to local education officials and talk about how today was handled for local students, how safe our area schools are and how this conversation continues on the local level.

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