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Letters to the editor (it's a cross-generational thing)

I got a great letter to the editor earlier this month from (I assume) a younger reader of the newspaper. It seems our recent coverage of a regional cartoonist (Hilary Price) speaking at a Bellows Falls event got folks interested in adding her Rhymes With Orange strip added to the Reformer comics page.

While my preferred method of receiving letters these days is via e-mail, sometimes you just can't beat a good ol' fashioned, hand-written letter:

As an aside: It should be noted that the last time any changes were made to the comics page, I set up a special phone line to the Reformer, so that folks could call in to vote for their preferred changes. It is, by and far, the most response I've ever received for a project during my career. The problem with Rhymes with Orange is that it's unique size means it must replace one of two regular features: The Family Circus (which was still surprisingly popular during the aforementioned vote) and the daily Jumble puzzle.

This letter ran with an editor's note, requesting other readers sign on with support for Rhymes With Orange .... We shall see if it must come to another vote in the coming weeks.

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