Behind The Scenes

In this digital age, what can newspapers learn from the literary world?

Consider this comment from Plympton co-founder and former New York Times reporter Jenny 8. Lee

“People are more wiling to pay to be entertained than they are to be informed. Which may be a sad commentary on our society, but it’s generally true.”

In a post this morning, the website posed the question: Can digital novels teach print journalism how to thrive online?

The podcast delves into the topic more deeply, but my initial concern would be such: What does it mean when we offer people bits of news and allow them to piece information together, rather than offering a complete product where they can pick and choose which information they choose to consume. It may be arguing semantics, but don't we, by offering more information, encourage folks to be more informed on items they might not necessarily typically be interested in (via headlines, blurbs, etc.)


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