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The challenge of up-to-the-minute coverage in newsprint

With Hurricane Sandy taking place so close to Halloween this year, many parents were wondering when and if scheduled trick-or-treating would be postponed. I, personally, had never heard of such a thing. But a year or so ago, some towns did just that (I believe it may have been connected to an early snow storm in 2011.)

In anticipation of Sandy, the officials from the town of Chester sent a press release on Monday afternoon, stating that trick-or-treating would be postponed one week, which we promptly shared on Facebook. That triggered, over the next 24 hours or so, a flurry of phonecalls to various area town officials, to figure out if any other towns were doing the same.

Keene and Chesterfield, N.H., along with Chester ... they all chose to postpone. Other towns were waiting to see what the storm would bring.

As it turned out, Vermont and New Hampshire escaped the destruction of Sandy. And that ultimately lead to all towns re-re-scheduling (as I put it) their trick-or-treating back to Halloween night.

It's easy to change and update online listings; not so in print. One more advantage to the new ways were able to provide news to the readers. And also a reminder to the challenges newsrooms face when covering rapidly developing news.

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